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Are you tired of throwing away thousands of dollars a year in rent? Or not being able to make the decisions on how and when to maintain the home you are renting? If you are like the millions of Americans who seek the dream of home ownership or seek some financial freedom that an investment property may bring, we can help make your dream a reality. Below are steps to the home buying process:

Making the decision to buy.

Why do I want to buy? Am I ready?

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Though we know there are a lot of options for good realtors, make sure to find ones that are knowledgeable, professional and reliable. If you have never bought a house before you will have a lot of questions. Having a good realtor will make the process much easier. Here at Siskiyou Premier Realty we strive to be the best, talk to one of our agents to see why we are a great choice!

Getting Qualified

It is important to get pre-qualified before the home search begins, this way you have a better idea of what you can afford and when you do find a home you are ready to write an offer. Our agents work very closely with lenders and can assist in helping you secure your financing.

Making an Offer and What to Expect

It is important to us that you feel good about your home choice, making an offer could be intimidating and confusing. Let our experts guide you and run the numbers to make sure you are getting the best deal. We will help you negotiate the purchase price and understand the offer process.

Performing Due Diligence

Once an offer is accepted it is the buyers responsibility to perform due diligence. This is where you would order home inspections and title reports. Don’t know where to start? This is where your agent will be a big help. We are here to assist you in determining what types of inspections you may want to perform. With your permission we can submit for these inspections on your behalf while keeping you informed throughout the process.


After all inspections have been performed and appraisals are in we should be getting ready to close. It is important to protect your investment and we can help you to make sure you have proper insurance coverages, we will also help determine if home warranties are right for you. After all documents are signed/recorded and funds transfer your agent will happily give you keys. That’s not the end of it for us, here at Siskiyou Premier we are always here to answer questions for you even after the transaction has closed.


Selling a home could be very stressful. There always seems to be so much to do to get things ready and it’s hard trying to figure out where to begin if you have never sold a home before. Our agents are here to assist you from beginning to end.
Below are steps to guide you through the selling process:

Why Am I Selling?

The first and most important step is determining why it is you are selling? Relocating to a new job, Need something bigger, Can't afford your home anymore? Understand that you do have options, we are happy to help with relocating. If it is because you feel you can’t afford your home anymore talk to us, we may have different options that may work for you and if needed we can help with a sale before foreclosure.

Selecting an Agent

A Real Estate Agent’s job is ensuring you know what to expect when selling your home and guiding you along the way. Making sure you get the most out of your home’s value. When using a real estate it also helps to know that most of the showing we do are to qualified and readied buyers.


Our agents have the proper tools and knowledge to assist you in pricing your home. We always run a competitive market analysis to determine what your home is currently worth. Pricing your home just right is important to make sure your needs are met.


It is important that your home look inviting to potential buyers. Our experts here at Siskiyou Premier will be glad to advise you on how and what to do to make your home more appealing. When listing with Siskiyou Premier we understand the importance in wanting your home to be marketed. We are committed to our clients and making sure we make every effort to let the public know your house is available. Searches for your home would come up on big websites such as, Zillow, Trulia, home finder and much more. Find out what we can do for you.


It’s very rare to sell a house without showing it. It is important that your home is made available to show. We will help you in this process and help you figure out the best times for showing to suit your schedule.


When you receive an offer our agents will help you determine if it’s the right offer for you and if it meets your previous needs and desires. If it does not we will help you negotiate. If we get an accepted offer the escrow period will begin and your agent will help you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have.